• Risk advisory services

Risk advisory services

As an independent firm, we collaborate with organizations by providing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their risk management and control processes, as well as to implement and validate compliance programs.

Implementation of the internal audit´s function: We design and support organizations in meeting their risk management and control objectives through internal audit planning.

Diagnosis and evaluation on control´s designing: Through process assesment we perform the diagnosis and re-design of the processes of the company´s key sector enabling to design the matrix of risks and controls.

Documentation of processes:As part of our work, we document in manuals the procedures and flowchart of the established processes.

Improving and redisigning of processes: From the assesment and diagnosis, we are able to detect opportunities for improvement suggesting more efficient processes to achieve the company´s objectives.

Implementation of Sox´s Section 404:The Sarbanes - Oxley Act is the standard required for companies operating in the United States stock market. We design and execute the corresponding controls to comply with Section 404 for those companies that are reached by this provision.

Testing control´s effectiveness: We apply testing of the controls established by the company to minimize risks and evaluate its effectiveness.