• Fraud, investigation and disputes

Fraud, investigation and disputes

We apply accounting, auditing and computing knowledge in a creative way for a precise and agile advice. We are in a position to coordinate both local and international actions supported by our BDO International network where we have vast experience and qualified experts.

Our advice regarding fraud is applied to the design and implementation of complaint lines for prevention, detection through monitoring and response in such detected cases.

We have expert professionals to assist law firms and their clients with the calculation of complex damages in litigation and arbitration in matters that involve breaches of contracts or other origins.

Our professionals are experts in accounting systems, in the analysis of financial statements and other business reports, as well as in analytical methodologies to determine lost profits and other damage measures.

Our professionals often provide expert testimony to litigants, based on our extensive expertise as accountants, knowledge of economic activity and previous experience in calculating complex damages.

Whether in the resolution of disputes through trial, arbitration or mediation, our experts usually present their findings in the form of an expert report, supported by financial analysis and demonstration evidence, clear and forcefully.

We also work as consultants to advise one of the parties in the analysis and evaluation of accounting, financial and economic evidence, both from their own side and for the critical evaluation of other testimonies.