• Business consulting

Business consulting

Our experts in business consulting collaborate with the success of their clients by advising on growth management, increasing value and profitability. Our knowledge of the local business environment is complemented with the best international practices in business management.

Our business consulting services include:

Strategic planning and business plan: We collaborate with our clients in the development of their businesses, contributing with our experience and technical tools. The challenging environment encourages management to face different scenarios leading the company to new stages and our professionals help top management to discuss alternatives and contribute to the implementation of the most successful. Our methodology begins with "getting to know the customer and your business" followed by planning together with the company's management to implement strategies for the future: the right decisions at the right time.

Advice to family businesses: Family businesses, the most common form of business entities in Uruguay, usually require at some stage of their development, the assistance of professional business management experts.

Our services oriented to the professionalization of the companies include the collaboration for the improvement of the corporative Government, improvements of the processes of decision making at managerial level, collaboration in the planning of successors in the Management of the company and agreements of shareholders, among others. Our approach will always be from our independence and applying criteria objectively to contribute to the continuity of the company.

Advice and management of construction projects (Real Estate)
We work in the administration of construction projects of diverse size and complexity, providing advisory, management and investment control services. Our services range from planning, through the selection of suppliers, administrative control of construction and to the start-up of the enterprise.
We help to obtain important savings and avoid losses arising from contingencies, deviations in costs, term and quality.
Our experience includes buildings for hotels, residential and shopping centers.
In particular, we have experience in the development of projects for the construction of promoted housing (social interest housing) within the framework of Law N ° 18.795.